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Revo Air Intercooler for MQB 1.8/2.0 TSI EA888 GEN 3 & EVO

Revo Air Intercooler for MQB 1.8/2.0 TSI EA888 GEN 3 & EVO

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The Revo Intercooler utilises unique design features to lower intake air temperatures, minimise pressure drop and allow the engine to produce impressive power and torque with Revo Software. The unique end tank profile promotes internal laminar flow by decreasing turbulence and increasing airspeed into the bar and plate core. This enhances charge air cooling giving you access to more power throughout the rev range.

The limitations of the stock intercooler were apparent throughout testing. The stock part consistently struggled to manage charge air temperatures, even under normal driving conditions. The Revo Intercooler has been designed to improve on every restrictive element of the stock cooler, enhancing cooling efficiency by lowering intake air temperatures by up to 36ºC vs. the MQB Golf R intercooler, allowing you to drive harder, for longer.

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